Description This trick is related to a similiar move performed with a pack of cards. A stack of coins is spread in a vertical line in the air while dropped from one hand to the other.
Start Start with a stack of coins held in one hand. The stack should be held so that each coin is parallel to the ground. Hold the stack above the upturned palm of the other hand.
Directions Release one coin at a time while moving the hand holding the coins straight up into the air.
Comments This looks best when the hand releasing the coins is moved up quickly and all coins are released in a smooth motion so that they fall with a regular beat into the catching hand. It also looks nice with a large number of coins. I am practicing with 15 coins at the moment.
Standing Waterfall (165k)
You can also do the same effect with a stack on a table. Pick up the stack 2-3cm of the table and dro pthe coins one at a time onto the table as you bring your hand upwards. The coins should fall down onto the table back into the initial stack. This isnt as dramatic as the above version but the coins make a nice sound as they fall back onto the table.

Horizontal Waterfall (134k)
A nice variation is to hold an edgewise stack of coins above the extended fingers of the other hand. Drop the coins one at a time in a steady stream to be caught in an edgewise stack between the thumb, middle and index fingers. The catch position is similiar to the Stack Building move.