Table Flipup


Description Flipping the coin off the edge of a table.
Start Place a coin flatwise on the edge of a table so that half of its diameter extends out over the edge of the table.
  1. Sharply hit the underside of the coin with the index finger so that it flips up into the air spinning rapidly.
  2. Catch the coin flatwise or edgewise between the thumb and index finger.
Stack Flipup (198k)
Place a stack of 10 or more coins on a table. Slide the top one back half of its diameter. Flip it up using the above method so that it rotates 360º in the air and lands back on the stack. To help make sure the coin doesnt fall of the stack when it lands you can give it a quick tap with a finger just as it lands. This helps to prevent it slip of the edge of the stack in case the flip wasnt prefectly accurate.