T Balance


Description A simple balance where two coins held in a T shape between the thumb and ring finger.
Start Start with two coins held in an edgewise stack between the tips of the thumb, index, middle and ring fingers.
  1. Pull the top coin up out of the stack with the thumb as if you are about to perform a Coin Flip. Dont flip the coin right over but instead stop it when its balanced flatwise on top of the bottom coin. Push down on the center of the top coin with the thumb to make sure it doesnt fall off to either side.
  2. Slide the top coin slightly forward with the thumb while rolling the bottom coin slightly back until its over the ring finger.
  3. Remove the index and middle fingers to finish with the two coins held between the thumb and the ring fingers.
Step 2 is the only difficult part of this trick (although step 1 might take a little while to get the hang of). Make sure the top coin is centered on the bottom coin and that the thumb is also centered. Otherwise the top coin will slide of to the side. The movements in step 2 are very small and slow. If you try and rush that part the top coin will also fall off.

You can reduce Step 2 by ensuring that during Step 1 the coin is pushed further towards the index finger than during a normal Coin Flip. When it lands on top it should have its inner edge centered over the bottom coin and its far edge well over the index finger. This means you can immediately roll the coin backwards into the balance, rather than having to push it forwards first.

To finish the move you can let the top coin drop down into the stack or pull inwards slightly with the ring finger so the coins snap down into a flatwise stack.
T Balance Reverse
The reverse balance can also be performed as shown in the video.

The trick should be easy enough to work out from the video. The only hard part about it is positioning the coins for the final grab. To make it easier I hold the far side of the top of the stack with the index finger, rather than the middle of the stack. This makes it easier to let the coin balance on top of the middle finger when the coins are separated.