Description A simple trick but its fun and looks more complicated than it really is.
Start Hold a stack of two coins flatwise between the thumb and index finger. The center of the top coin, held by the thumb, should be over the inner edge of the bottom coin so the two coins dont form a flush stack.  Both coins should always remain in contact in a flatwise position throughout the trick.
  1. Slide the top coin in circle on the face of the bottom coin so that its center always remains over the circumference of the bottom coin.
Its a very simple trick but fun to do and the coins make a nice sound.
A nice way to finish the trick is to push the top coin off the bottom coin and onto the second phalanx of the index finger so that you have a Spread Fan like position with the two coins. From here you can slide the top coin around the index finger with the middle finger to get it to the bottom of the stack, then move the stack to the original grip and repeat. The above video shows this variation. Or move the stack to a position between the thumb and middle finger, repeat the trick then do it with the thumb and ring finger.