Stack Building

Description This trick involves throwing coins from one hand to the other so that they arrive in a neat stack.
Directions Hold a coin edgewise between the thumb and the middle finger of the right hand. Now toss the coin to the left hand from above so that it lands held edgewise between the thumb and the index and middle fingers. The coin will land on the middle finger and be supported from the sides by the index finger and the thumb. Continue throwing coins in this manner until you have a stack of coins held in the left hand.
Comments The first coin is the hardest. Once that is in place it helps to guide the others into the stack. I can make a stack of about 8 coins like this.

A variation that I have recently started trying is to start with a stack in the right hand, throw coins one at a time to the left handed stack, then repeat to get to the start. If this is performed quickly it looks pretty good.