Blind Rotational Sybil


Description The Blind Rotational Sybil (BRS) by Cap Casino is a card cut move in which a deck of cards is split into three packets. The packets are rotated and transferred among the fingers in a unique manner before the deck is reformed.

A variation of the BRS can be done poker chips or large coins. The video above shows rlk7 performing the trick for the flourish competition at

Keep in mind I dont do card manipulation and have no reference material for the BRS so this might be a completey wrong description of the BRS but its a nice trick anyway.
Start Hold a stack of three poker chips edgewise between the tips of the right thumb and index finger. The right palm should be pointing left with the thumb and index finger parallel to the ground.

The left coin is Chip 1, the middle coin is Chip 2 and the right coin is Chip 3.
  1. Place the left index finger against Chip 1 (just below the right index finger) and pull that edge of the chip a small distance (~1cm) away from the stack.
  2. Place the right middle finger against Chip 2 just below the right index finger and pull the chip down slightly. At this point you have Chip 1 held between the left index finger and the right thumb, Chip 2 held between the right middle finger and the right thumb and Chip 3 held between the right index finger and the right thumb.
  3. Rotate Chip 1 upwards until its bottom edge is touching the top of the right thumb.
  4. Grab Chip 2 with the left thumb and left middle finger.
  5. Rotate Chip 1 down until its top edge is touching the underside of the right thumb.
  6. Rotate the left hand during the above move so that Chip 2 moves away from you and past the other two chips. At this point the left hand should be palm facing up.
  7. Grab Chip 2 with the right middle and right ring fingers.
  8. Rotate Chip 1 upwards until its bottom edge is touching the top of the right thumb. The left hand should be palm down at this point.
  9. Grab Chip 3 with the left thumb and left middle finger.
  10. Rotate Chip 3 around the thumb and place it against the left side of Chip 1 while at the same time place Chip 2 against the right side of Chip 1 to reform the initial stack.
When you start make sure the chips are held closer to the knuckle of the thumb. If you hold it too close to the tip of the thumb then when rotating a chip over the top of the thumb you will be near the nail, making it more difficult.

The way the chips and hands rotate about each other is a distinctive part of this trick. Make sure you exagerate the rotation moves rather than just take the shortest path when moving the chips.

For some of the steps you will find if you grab a chip edgewise so that the fingers are on exact opposite sides of the chip then it causes problems later. You can adjust the grip when learning the trick to make sure that this doesnt happen.
There are endless variations of this move. I have only just discovered the BRS so have only begun exploring the possibilities.

Rather than finishing at Step 10 you can continue moving the chips around indefinately by using the same principle.

In the above description the left hand does all the work rotating the coins about and transferring them. You can reverse this and start with the stack in the left hand and use the right hand to move the chips. Alternating between these two variations is another way you can repeat trick in a nice way.

Combining some of the other tricks such as the Roll Down or Edge Walk with this trick can also produce some nice variations.