Roll Down  -  To Downs Star

Description A completed Roll Down can be turned into a Downs Star quite nicely with this move.
Start Start as for a Four Coin Roll Down but with a five coin stack.
  1. Perform a Four Coin Roll Down but finish with a two coin stack between the thumb and index finger.
  2. Quickly close the hand into a fist in such a way that each coin is now held flatwise between the tips of the fingers.
  3. Tilt the hand to the left and let the coins tip over onto the tips of the fingers. Two coins are on top of the index finger.
  4. Transfer the top coin from the index finger to the thumb as described in the Five Coin Downs Star (Method 1).
The left image above is at Step 1, the middle image is at Step 2 while the right image is half way through Step 3. Only the four coin version is shown in the images.

Step 2 is the critical part of this trick. Make sure that after making a fist the coins are held at the very top so that as much of the coins extends below the fingers towards the palm. This will allow them to tip over to the fingertips properly. If you push the fingertips right down to the palm then the coins will just finish up on the sides of the fingers which you dont want.