Description A Roll Down variation in which the four coins finish arranged in a circle around the middle finger.
Start Start as for the Roll Down.
  1. Perform step 1 of the Roll Down.
  2. Place the thumb next to the index finger and the pinkie next to the ring finger.
  3. Pull the bottom coin out with the thumb.
  4. Pull the bottom coin out with the pinkie.
  5. The result should be four coins surrounding the middle finger.
Comments During the move try to adjust the positions of the coins so that when the flourish is finished the coins are spread in an even circle around the middle finger. You will need to perform Step 1 slightly differently to a normal Roll Down in order to achieve this.
Three Coin Circle

You can do a simpler version of this trick by removing the coin from between the middle and pinkie fingers. There are a few different ways you can get the final result but I prefer the method in the video to the left.