Front To Back

(196k)    (132k)

Description This trick involves flipping the front coin to the back of the stack. The coin will flip 180º during the move.
Start Hold two or more coins in an edgewise stack with the tips of the index, middle and ring fingers, palm facing up.
  1. Use the thumb to roll the outer coin up, against the index finger, about half of it's diameter.
  2. Then pull back and down with the thumb and the coin will do a 180º flip over the other coins, finishing at the back of the stack.
Comments Make sure to keep a firm grip on the stationary coins as you flip the other coin over them.

At first you may have trouble pulling the outer coin up out of the stack with the thumb. When learning the easiest way is as follows:
  1. Push outwards on the entire stack with the thumb so that the stack twists slightly. You will notice that the coins should slightly seperate leaving the outer coin further out of the stack than the inner coin. This leaves a good opening for the thumb to grab only the outer coin and pull it up out of the stack.
Once you get more familiar with the move you will learn how to pull up the coin without needing to pull back on the stack.

You can also do the Front To Back with multiple coins at a time.
Variation Front To Back Reverse
The reverse move can be performed by pulling the back coin up from the stack with the thumb and flipping it to the front of the stack. This version is much harder and will take some time to work out. This is also called the Back To Front.

If you repeatedly perform a Front To Back followed immediately by a Front To Back Reverse then you get a Front To Back Harmonic (163k).

Index Front To Back
Instead of flipping the front coin with the thumb you can flip it with the index finger. To make the pull up slightly easier first lift the outer coin up slightly with the thumb before regripping the stack. This leaves the front coin slightly higher than the back coins so you can pull the front coin up with the index finger fairly easily. I find this method harder but it looks nice.

Palm Down Index Front To Back
In this variation hold the hand out palm down and pick up a stack of four coins edgewise with the thumb and middle finger. Keep the hand palm down and curl the index finger down to the bottom of the stack and slide the bottom coin off the stack, up the side of the stack, and onto the top of the stack. The coin rotates 180º during this move. This isnt really any different from the normal Index Front To Back but it looks quite different and is a lot easier.

A nice variation of this move is to grab the bottom coin and let it rest on the tip of the index finger. Now transfer it to the top of the stack without the rotation.