Edge Walk


Description This trick involves moving a coin through adjacent fingers in an edgewise grip.

It is an excellent aid for learning the Roll Down.
Start Start by holding a coin edgewise between the thumb and the index finger. The face of the coin should be perpendicular to the fingers.
  1. Bring the middle finger to hold the edge of the coin next to the thumb. Release the thumb and return the middle finger to its natural position.
  2. Repeat this move with the ring finger, and the pinkie finger.
  3. Now the coin should be held between the ring and pinkie fingers. Reverse the moves to get back to the starting position.
Comments I find it easiest if I start with the coin held against the middle of the second phalanx of the index finger.

Its very important that the coin remain perpendicular to the fingers at all times. If the coin drifts away from being perpendicular then usually you lose your grip on it.

When learning the trick I found it easiest to just start with a single move, starting as above then rolling the coin to a position between the index and middle fingers, then rolling it back. Once I was comfortable with that move I would roll the coin down to a position between the middle and ring fingers and back. Finally I added the last move to the ring and pinkie fingers. This is the hardest part to learn for me.

To provide more help for the Roll Down try the Edge Walk with a stack of two or three coins.
If you can do this smoothly with a stack of two coins then you can perform a nice illusion. To do this perform an Edge Walk with two coins with the front coin facing the audience. During the walk the back coin should remain hidden to those people in front of you. Try to make sure the coins do not slide together giving the audience a view of the back coin, or allowing them to hear the two coins sliding together. After a few iterations of the Edge Walk just split of one of the coins making it appear as if one coin has turned into two. You have to be able to do the walk moves fairly fast for the illusion to be effective so skipping the pinkie finger is a good idea.