Curl Grip

Description A method for holding a stack of coins with one finger. This isnt a trick, just a way to hold a stack of coins when doing some of the tricks involving the balancing multiple coins.
Start Hold the right hand out palm up with the fingers straight. Hold a coin flatwise between the left thumb and index finger.
  1. Press one edge of the coin against the middle of the first phalanx of the right index finger.
  2. Curl the index finger in and grab the opposite edge of the coin with the middle of the first phalanx. Remove the left hand.
  3. You should now be holding the coin edgewise between the first phalanx and the third phalanx of the right index finger.
Comments This grip can be done with any of the fingers or thumb.

You can hold multiple coins in a stack with this hold.

It is used in many of the balance and coin walk moves when multiple coins need to be manipulated in various ways.

It is related to the Finger Palm coin palming technique but I have moved the grip closer to the tip of the finger to give better access to the thumb for removing coins from the stack.
Curl Grip Display

The Curl Grip can be used as an interesting display with several coins during a routine.

The image was taken from the Cobra Balance move and was used as part of the closing of the move but isnt quite finished.
Curl Grip Walk
With two coins you can perform a walking type move by moving them between the fingers in various ways.

Try adding more coins and moving them into and out of stacks and so on. For example start with four coins held in a Curl Grip with the middle finger. One at a time move the three bottom coins to the other three fingers until you finish with the Curl Grip Display. Then reverse the moves to get back to the start.