Coin Spin


Description The Coin Spin is a fundamental move that forms the basis for many tricks. It involves spinning a coin between the thumb and the first two fingers.
Start Hold a coin flatwise between the thumb and the index finger. The thumb is on top and heads is facing the thumb.
  1. Push the coin with the thumb over the tip of the index finger until the coin is being held with the thumb and the back of the index finger (on the nail).
    Replace the thumb with the middle finger. Now the coin is held between the middle finger and the index finger with heads facing the middle finger.
  2. Replace the index finger with the thumb.
  3. Replace the middle finger with the index finger. You are now back to the starting position but tails are now facing the thumb.
  4. Repeat.
Comments With practice you should be able to do this spin very quickly and smoothly. When you get it working correctly, the middle finger stays still while the other two do most of the work.

This is spinning leftwards (assuming your using the right hand). You can also do the spin to the right, forwards and backwards (rightwards is the hardest for me).

Once you can do this trick smoothly practice it using the middle and ring fingers, and the ring and pinkie fingers. At first this will seem awkward but these variations are essential for some of the other tricks described later.

Heads Up Spin
(164k) In this variation one face of the coin always remains in contact with the index finger.
  1. Perform step 1 of the Coin Spin.
  2. Replace the middle finger with the thumb and slide the coin back to position 1.
I find this variation feels a lot nicer to do and also looks nicer.
Two Coin Spin
(192k) Start with coin 1 flatwise between the index and middle fingers and coin 2 between the middle and ring fingers.
  1. Perform steps 3, 2 and 1 of a normal Coin Spin with coin 1.
  2. Do the same steps with the coin 2.
  3. Repeat.
At first there will be a pause between each spin but with practice this can be reduced.

A third coin can be added between the ring and pinkie fingers.