Classic Palm Switch


This move is a variation of the One-Hand Switch, a move which is used in coin magic. There are many other variations of this move described in Bobo, which can be performed as pure manipulation tricks.

The move requires the use of the Classic Palm, a coin palming technique in which a coin is held in the centre of the palm so that the rest of the hand can be moved freely. See Bobo, or another coin magic book, for more details on palming techniques.

Start Position the hand as if it was relaxing by your side. The palm should be perpendicular to the ground and the fingers slightly curled and parallel to the ground. Coin 1 should be held in the Classic Palm position and coin 2 resting on the ring and pinkie fingers.
  1. Pull down on the edge of coin 2 so that the coin flips over to the top of the middle finger. This move is related to the Underside Walk.
  2. Release coin 1 and let it fall down until it rests on the ring and pinkie fingers. As it falls down it will flip 270º.
  3. Coin 2 is now pushed up into the Classic Palm position with the tip of the middle finger.
  4. Repeat.