Bottom Chip Flip


Description A stack of chips is picked up, the bottom one is flipped over and the stack is reformed.
Start Start with a stack of six poker chips on a table.
  1. Place the thumb, index, middle and ring fingers around the edges of the stack with the tips resting on the table.
  2. Pull up on the bottom of the stack with the thumb so that the entire stack tilts to a 45º angle.
  3. Get a firm grip the stack with the index, middle and ring fingers but do not grip the bottom coin.
  4. Move the stack forward while rotating the bottom chip with the thumb. The thumb pulls up on the closer edge of the bottom chips while the far edge remains on the table forming the rotation point.
  5. Let the bottom chip fall back down to the table and place the stack on top of it.
During the rotation of the bottom chip its top edge should slide along the underside of the rest of the stack.
Second Bottom Pullup
This is a nice variation which works as follows:
  1. Perform Steps 1-5 above but dont drop the stack onto the bottom chip.
  2. Use the thumb to grab the next bottom chip of the stack your holding and slide it backwards out of the stack and onto the side of the stack.
  3. Drop the remaining chips onto the bottom chip.
  4. Slide the remaining chip with the thumb up the side of the stack and onto the top of the stack.
The above video shows this variation as well as the main version.
Double/Triple Flip
In this variation the two or three bottom chips are flipped before the stack is reformed. The video should show how this variation works.