Trick Flowchart

The following flowchart shows the relationships between some of the tricks described on this site. It can be used for beginners to get an idea of where they can start learning tricks and where to progress from there, or by more experienced people looking for new tricks to explore.

The tricks in the blue boxes are Fundamental Tricks. For the most part they are easier tricks (though the Edge Walk and Walk Down are harder than the other four) that form the basis for many of the other tricks you will want to learn later. Once you have become familiar with one of the Fundamental Tricks you can start following the arrows to learn more impressive and harder tricks. In general the longer the trick chain from a Fundamental Trick the harder the tricks become.

The list of tricks in the above image is not comprehensive. There are many more tricks and variations that havent been included or dont really fit so make sure you explore the trick list to the left.

NOTE: Once the above chart has been improved I'll make each box a link to the trick on the site. For now just look for them in the list to the left.