The following pictures show some of the terminology used in the trick descriptions.



Edgewise hold

Flatwise hold


I mainly use Australian twenty cent pieces which are round and 2.8 cm in diameter. Other coins I use include US half dollars which are 3.0 cm in diameter and New Zealand fifty cent pieces which are 3.1 cm in diameter and Poker Chips which are 3.9 cm in diameter. Different tricks will work better with different sized coins. The size of your hands and fingers will also determine the best size of coin to use. Experiment with different coins to work out which ones work best for you.

Those tricks which involve gripping the coin by the edges will benefit from a coin that has a rough milled edge.

Also, if you are performing these tricks, a large shiny coin will produce better results, as it will stand out against the hand better.


Most of the tricks on the site have an animated gif showing the basic moves. They have been slowed down quite a bit to help see each move better for learning the trick. If you still cant work out the moves then you can load the animated gif into a program such as Windows Media Player or something similiar that will allow you to slow it down more or view it frame by frame.

For the more complicated tricks the animated gif may link to a Windows Media Video file. Where relevant these have been setup so that they will work nicely when looped so you can watch the trick looping in the player as you try and learn how its done.

None of the videos are really performance quality, they have been done slower than normal speed to make the tricks easier to understand. At some point I hope to create some routines that better show of how the tricks look when performed properly. The Two Coin Routine (737k) video is an example of this.