Trick Flowchart


 Flipover Balance
 Self Standing Sculptures
     Cartesian Balance
     Downs Star
Stack To Star - 4 Coins
Stack To Star - 5 Coins
Alternate Methods
Closing/Opening the Star
Star To Stack
Transferring the Star
     Edge Balance
Two Coins - Variation 1
Two Coins - Variation 2
Three Coins
Five Coins
     T Balance
 Magnetic Coin Balance
 Nose Balance
 Tabletop Sculptures
 Curl Grip


 Spread Fan
 Fingertip Fan
 Tabletop Fan Variations

Flips and Swaps

 Front To Back
 Double Flip
 Edge Flip
 Palm Chip Flip
 Two Finger Switch
 Drop Down Flip
 Wrist Snap
 Classic Palm Switch


 Column Push
 Toothpick Spin

Roll Down

 Roll Down
 Two Coin Splits
 Three Coin Splits
 Four Coin - Split Method
 Four Coin - Roll Method
 Five Coin Roll Down
 Six Coin Roll Down
 Ten Coin Roll Down
 Roll Down Balance
 Circle Roll Down
 Roll Down to Downs Star


 Backspin Roll
 Bounce Finger Roll
 Coin Roll
 Flick Roll
 Foot Roll
 Forearm Roll
 Hand To Hand Roll
 Index Roll
 Surface Roll


 Blind Rotational Sybil
 Cascade Shuffle
 Double Cut
 Pullup and Reverse
 Simple Shuffle
 Single Cut
 Two Stack Shuffle


 Bowl Spinning
 Coin Spin
     Stack Spin
 Ganster Spin
 One Finger Balance Rotation
 One Finger Spin
 Pen Rotation
 Perpetual Motion Coin Myth
 Tabletop Spinning
     Spinning The Coin
     Direction Control
     Multiple Coins
 Umbrella Spinning

Table Stack Tricks

 Bottom Chip Flip
 Bounce To Stack
 Chip Counting
 Flip Onto Stack
 Stack Flip Out
 Stack Pickup
 Stack Split Rotation
 Table Flip


 Balance Toss
 Bounce Catch
 Card Flick
 Claw Catch
 Drop Catch
 Elbow Catch
 Face Changing
 Forced Coin Toss
 Glass Bounce
 Index-Ring Toss
 Juggling and Hackey Moves
 Middle Toss
 Monocle Catch
 Muscle Pass
 Pressure Lift
 Pumpkin Seed Toss
 Sequential Tiddlywinks
 Snap Toss
 Spread Catch
 Stack Building
 Stack Dropout
 Stack Tossing
 Stack Split Toss
 Table Flipup
 Throw To Stack
 Thumb Flick
 Walk Toss


 Coin Walk
     Walk Down
     Walk Up
     Pendulum Walk
     Underside Walk
     Weave Walk
     Phalanx Two Walk
     Tip Walk
     Toss Start
     Escher Walk
     Double Pendulum
     Two Coin Walk
Double Walk
Stack Walk
     Three Coin Walk
     Four Coin Walk
     Misc Coin Walk Tricks
 Spin Walk
     Continuous Spin Walk
     Thumbless Spin Walk
     Two Coin Spin Walk
     Spin Walk Variations
 Edge Walk
     Two Coin Edge Walk


 Heads To Tails
 Stack Building